Cuba. Cienaga De Zapata

The Largest Swamp in Cuba

GTFlyfishing present our latest destination Cuba. We are ready for departure in early March, which is a perfect time to Fly fish in southern Cuba. We will primarily go for Bonefish and Tarpon, but we cast at everything that comes past us. Here you are actually fishing at three destinations, on the river in the mangrove forest, and in two different flat areas, inshore lagoons and coastal areas, with the possibility of a Grand Slam, Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit

Cuba offers some of the best saltwater fly fishing any fly fisher can imaginebecause it hasn’t been available for Flyfishing for as long as other Caribbean destinations. Here you will still find large areas without significant fishing pressure as well as exciting national parks that require special permits to fish. Here you can experience all the beautiful aspects of fly fishing, Combined with lots of action on the fly rod.

Our destination Zapata is just outside the National Park with excellent Tarpon fishing and a fantastic fishing for Bonefish. Everything is more local, but very charming and the fishing is excellent. The area is famous among Ornithologists with about 230 bird species in the area. We will be able to see Flamingos and Pelicans on the way out to our boat ramps. You are in the National Park with bird species and lots of other exciting animal species.

Equipment at our destinations has been upgraded to international standards, and the guides are very talented. The prices of hotels and dining out are also very reasonable, so we combine all our trips with stays in Havana, so our guests get full value on both fishing and culture, and get a lot of exciting impressions of Cuba. Most people who visit Cuba returns to the country, there are simply too many things to experience on just one trip, especially the Cubans  are absolutely fantastic and very accommodating. The country is very beautiful with endless withe beaches and cheap drinks. GTFlyfishing also has special contacts at our destination, for unique and functional woodwork such as fly tying tables with a focus on the relevant fish species in the area.

The trip itself is organized so that we have 3 nights in Old Havana, so you also experience this amazing city. We either take the first nights in Havana or go directly to our Lodge, or on way home, our guests will decide which order they want, we will be able to fish with our local guides the next morning. We have skiff (boats) for our fishing on the flats for Bonefish and when hunting for Tarpon on the river delta.

We will visit Hemmingway’s favorite bar and enjoy his favorite drink, which is now legendary in Havana.

Fly tying table

The Hemingway Special.

We are in an area with a very large population of Tarpon up to over 100 pounds, but the one we fish for are typically smaller, which are both above and below the water when they take our Poppers. When you see a “big” Tarpon, you will understand why it is good to have a class 12 rod in the boat.


The trip is scheduled for 11 days. 5 days and 5 nights in the Lodge, as well as 4 nights in Havana with breakfast. Our stay includes full board at the Lodge, where we be accommodated in private rooms with Air conditioning, and we will be fishing with local guides.


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There are four to six participants per trip.

The price includes:

  • International flights/and domestic flights.
  • Full board at the Lodge incl. drinks.
  • 6 days fishing / 6 nights at the Lodge.
  • Hosted Flyfishing and Guide.
  • Shared double room and shared Skiff.
  • All ground transfers.
  • Tour guide from Copenhagen.
  • Opportunity to buy gear at a special price for the trip.
  • 4 nights in Old Havana with breakfast.

The price excludes:

  • Extra for single room and own boat.
  • The price does not cover lunch and dinner in Havana.
  • Travel/Trip insurance.
  • And gratitudes.
  • A private room in Havana can also be arranged.
  • If you want to fish alone with a guide and stay in your own Bungalow while fishing, we can accommodate that.
  • We strongly recommend that our clients purchase a Travel/Trip insurance.


Shoals of Bonefish.

Just paradise on earth.

Due to the Covid-19 situation around the world, GTFlyfishing has decided as per August 1st 2020 to guarantee one hundred percent refund of your payments to GTFlyfishing or the possibility to move your trip to an other date in case of the authorities of Cuba decides to close down their country for foreigners due to Covid-19. This guarantee applies if the closedown is announced between one month and 24 hours before your departure day.

All tourists who plan to stay in Loges and Hotels must hold a negative result for
a nucleic acid test (PCR test) for COVID 19 prior to entry in to the country. The sample for this test must be taken not more than 72 hours prior to the scheduled
time of departure from the first port of embarkation on route to Cuba.
Prior to departure from Cuba,
PCR testing is mandatory for any tourist who stayed on a tourist Loges/Hotels. If a specific time frame for PCR testing is
stated in the immigration requirements of the destination country, this time frame
must be followed. Otherwise the PCR test must be done within 72 hours prior to
departure from Cuba. The Loges/Hotels must facilitate the PCR testing for
the tourist. The tourist or the Loges/Hotels  must bear all costs associated with PCR testing.