Tackle and equipment

The amount of pressure the Giant Trevally will apply on your reel and rod will blow you away, nothing can prepare you for how hard these fish will take your fly.

You have travelled a very long way to catch these fish, and most likely you have spent a reasonable amount of money on equipment and your journey to reach to your destination, and for sure used numerous hours with fly tying, thoughts about how you make the most out of your trip to improve your chances for success, so when finally standing on the reef in some of the most desolate areas of the Indian Ocean, you want to have your gear ready! (as good as it can be) When it comes to catching Giant Trevally on a fly rod, not only your gear will be tested, but also your physical and mental condition. These fish will drive you crazy, they will become your new addiction, they will take you to the limit of madness, an indescribable and unforgettable flyfishing experience.

Rods and Reel

The environment that you are fishing in contains buffering waves and razor-sharp coral heads resting on a rocky underground structure that will give you a memorable experience.

There are many different brands, we prefer Hatch Finatic.

12# rods are recommended as your standard rod on the coral flat and when fishing in the surf zone. It is very hard work and exhausting to walk the unforgivable surf zone, and it can be extremely frustrating if there is any defect on your rods or reel, if there is, it will be discovered in the first seconds in to a fight. With the 12# rod you will have more than enough power to deal with most situations. On the flats  without too many sharp opjects, 11# rods has enough backbone to deal with a crazy fish. The more pressure that you can applied on your rods, the shorter the battle.

The reel is perhaps the most important piece of equipment you are taking with you, in your quest to achieve success with your saltwater fishing for Giant Trevally. Powerful 12# saltwater reels with the capability of holding at least 250m of 80lb to a 100lb braide line or more is necessary. A large arbour saltwater resistant reel, with a low start-up inertia and a very powerful drag is required to ensure succes. With GTF, we have in the store years learned that only the best is good enough. And Hatch Finatic have that expertise of fulfillment. Which we have found considerably.

Flylines and rigging a set up

Wadeding in the surf zone and pounding lines into the surf is exhausting and hard work, nothing comes easy in the surf.

Powerful short front tapers with 50lb to 100lb power cores. And powerful 12# saltwater reels with the capability of holding at least 250m of 80lb to a 100lb braide line or more is necessary to ensure succes.

When fly fishing the surf zone and coral flat it is rarely necessary to use anything other than floating lines, we are normally up to our waist while we wade in the surf zone, so it can be a significant advantage to wear a stripping basket or flexi-stripper, in order to avoid the line to wrap itself into all objects around you, just like coral heads and sharp stones. Powerful short front tapers with 50lb to 100lb power cores with the capability of turning over heavy leaders and large flies more easily in windy conditions is preferred when pounding lines into the surf.

Now you are chasing Giant Trevally, a fish there is so fantastic powerful and furious fast, that there is no comparison at all. 80lb to a 130lb leaders of approximately 8ft to 10ft in length which is a personal choice for the angler and their particularly set-up. In calm flat conditions with no coral heads, or any other sharp obstacles or if the fish refused the fly numerous times in crystal clear water, 80lb leaders can be enough. On the coral flats and in the surf zone 100lb to 130lb is necessary in this incredibly harsh environment of sharp and broken coral. And that’s exactly where you are going to spent most of your time scouting the turbulent water for Giant Trevally, in the surf zone.




9′ #11 or #12 saltwater rods as your standard rods for Giant Trevally and Bluefin Trevally.

9′ #7-#8 and #9 saltwater rods for Bonefish, Triggerfish, Golden Trevally, and others species.

Spare rods, if possible.


#11-#12 saltwater reels with the capability of holding at least 250m of 80lb to a 100lb braid backing line.

#7-#9 saltwater reels with the capability of holding at least 150m of 30lb to a 60lb braid backing line.


#11 or #12  powerful tropical saltwater short front floating tapers with  50lb to 100lb power cores.

#7-9 tropical saltwater short front floating tapers.

Spare lines, special #11 and #12 lines. (quite important)


80 lb to 130lb fluorocarbon or mono-line.

8 lb to 25 lb tapered  saltwater leaders.


Cap and buff.

Long-sleeved shirts,pants and/ or shorts in (UPF30+)

Casting and  sun gloves/ stripping gloves.

Flats boots,wading socks and gravel guards.


Waterproof backpack or sling pack.

Polarised sunglasses and lens mist.

Saltwater resistant pliers and hook sharpener.

Waterproof camera.

Stripping basket or flexi-stripper.


Due to the Covid-19 situation around the world, GTFlyfishing has decided as per August 1st 2020 to guarantee one hundred percent refund of your payments to GTFlyfishing or the possibility to move your trip to an other date in case of the Maldivian authorities decides to close down their country for foreigners due to Covid-19. This guarantee applies if the closedown is announced between one month and 24 hours before your departure day.